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At Semiconductor Talent, we have spent many years working closely with clients who appreciate the benefits of finding the right individual to fill their specific requirements. Much of our time is devoted to understanding what our clients are looking for. As well, we understand how candidates are evaluated and what separates successful candidates from those who are not selected for employment. At ITS we are also in contact with thousands of individuals who are searching for the right career and are eager to present themselves in the best light.

Our Resume Writing Services are designed to help the individual candidate organize his or her educational and employment history in the most outstanding way for each job opportunity. Our focus is on creating a concise, complete and impressive illustration of who the candidate is and what he or she can offer. Our experience has shown us that individuals with mediocre resumes receive fewer interview opportunities than those with professionally written resumes.

One of our professional resume writers would be happy to review your current resume, history, and goals and offer you an excellent “first impression” to present to prospective employers. We will assist you in getting your job search off to a successful start!


Step One - Contact us by phone or email to discuss our services.

Step Two - Email us a copy of your old resume, bio, or any other relevant material that you have available.

Step Three - We will speak with you over the phone or in person, or correspond with you by email in order to fully understand your background, and career objectives. Once we have gathered all of the relevant information we will work towards building you a highly effective, professional resume.

Step Four - We will complete your new professional resume and deliver it to you electronically within 3-5 days. We will provide 24-hour service at additional cost if required. Your satisfaction will be guaranteed.

Step Five - We will contact you to discuss the new resume and answer any questions you may have.

Our fees are determined on an individual basis. Please send us your current resume by email and we will evaluate your requirements. If you do not have a resume, we would be happy to discuss your situation during a telephone consultation.

You may contact one of our Professional Resume Writers by phone or email. Consultations are free.

(866) 848-5627 ext. 221 or


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